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Castech Solutions supplies high quality castings, forgings and fabricated parts for many different industries.

Castings from less than 1kg to 140MT and forgings up to 120MT; in large or small volumes.

General Engineering Parts

The combination of Castech's experience and that of our manufacturing partners ensure our ability to meet your requirements.

Detailed product specification developed by Castech's team and strict inspection procedures ensure high quality in all the parts delivered. 

Automotive spacer block. 3mm wall. Steel. Investment casting.Specialty Bolts for high corrosion applications. Forged Super Duplex Stainless Steel.Gear case. 5400kg. SG Iron. Sand casting.Machined Hub.
Ingot/Pig Mould. 341kg. Cast iron. Sand casting.Machined Hub. 40kg. SG iron. Sand casting.Stainless Steel tank. 2650kg. Fabrication.Step. Carbon steel. 3.42kg. Investment casting.

Underground Mining Machinery

For more than 8 years we have supplied JIT components and assemblies of underground mining mobile equipment.

Small cast steel clamps to complex gear housings including a 3500kg one piece cast frame.

Castech has scored higher in customer metrics than our immediate competitors for both quality, continuous improvement and on time delivery.

Articulation frame. 1550kg.  Carbon Mn steel. Sand casting.Gear case. 220kg. Ductile iron. Sand casting.Gear case. 297kg. Ductile iron. Sand casting.Gear case. 297kg. Ductile iron. Machining detail.
Rear Frame. 6000kg. Carbon Mn Steel. Sand Casting.Rear cross beam. 3500kg. Carbon steel. Sand casting.Tilt lever. 560kg. Carbon Mn steel. Sand casting.

Rail Undercarriage

Castech supplies critical undercarriage components for both freight loco's and passenger cars to all 3 of Australia's reail vehicle manufacturers. Castech was selected as the major supplier of cast components for the 626 train carriages for the Waratha Sydney suburban network project.

These parts have strict requirements for material composition, mechanical properties and machining tolerances.

Castech scored an average of 109% on customer metrics calculated for competing suppliers.

Crash absorber ram assembly. 513 kg. Carbon Mn Steel. Sand casting and bend plate fabrication.Suspension arm. 181kg. Ductile iron. Sand casting.Traction motor mount. 34kg. Carbon Mn steel. Investment casting.Traction rod. 26kg. Carbon steel. Sand casting.
Traction rod bracket. 13.5 kg. Carbon Mn Steel. Investment casting.Transom. 675kg. Carbon Mn steel. Sand casting.

Wear Parts

Castech supplies wear parts manufactured from materials that are determined to be the most suitable for the application following extensive analysis of the operating conditions.

With decades of experience in wear monitoring, design optimization and material selection, Castech can improve performance and reduce operating costs.

Blow bar. High Chrome White Iron. Sand casting.White iron chute liners. High Chrome White Iron. Sand casting. Designed and supplied by Castech.White iron chute liners. High Chrome White Iron. Sand casting. Designed and supplied by Castech.Crusher tyre. Alloy Steel. Sand casting.
Grizzly bars. High Chrome White Iron. Sand casting.Wear tiles. High Chrome White Iron. Sand casting.

Crawler/Track Shoes

Castech supplies a wide range of compatible OEM trackshoes for shovels and excavators. Castech can perform modifications to material and trackshoes’ design according to the applications or operating conditions to extend service life and improve performance.

This critical parts require strict inspection at each manufacturing stage to guarantee compliance with the requirements and avoid costly failures on site. Castech ensures full traceability for each part both for material and dimensional inspection results.

Material Handling

Castech has supplied components for material handling solutions.

From small parts to complex Longwall AFC assemblies which require accurate machining tolerances and welding procedures.

Conveyor rocker arm. 10kg. Ductile Iron. Sand casting.Longwall AFC assembly.Longwall AFC machining detail.Longwall AFC assembly parts.


Castech supplies a variety of completed valves (gate, globe, swing and ball) and valve components.

Sizes cover from small 1” to 64” valves working at pressures up to 4500psi.

Full inspection and pressure testing ensure that every valve is supplied with full traceability and certification. 

Complete casting valve.PSB Wedge Gate Valve. 2in-36in. 600lb-4500lb.Split Glands. 4.4kg. Carbon Steel. Investment casting.Swing check valve. 2in-48in. 150lb-2500lb.
Small valve components. Investment casting.Completed valves painting line.