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Castech supplies parts in a wide range of materials compliant with different international standards (Australian, British, ASTM and others)

The different families of materials our products are made of include:

  • Grey, Ductile, CGI and ADI iron
  • Abrasion resistant Chrome iron
  • Heat resistant irons
  • Plain carbon, alloy and stainless steels
  • Copper-based and aluminium alloys

Database of material chemistries

Castech Solutions has also developed a significant database of material chemistries and the corresponding mechanical properties in the as-cast or heat-treated condition. Tempering curves for a number of alloy steels have been developed with corresponding mechanical properties recorded.

The investment in material knowledge is an important differentiator between Castech Solutions and its competitors. The knowledge developed through our research allows us to assist both our manufacturing partners and customers in material selection and processing.