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Added value

Castech Solutions adds value to your supply chain increasing the competitiveness of your products.

We base our difference in several aspects of the manufacturing process:

Product definition

  • Our project managers' experience ensures that they fully understand your needs and the requirements of the product.
  • Our team develops a comprehensive product/manufacturing specification for every product we supply.
  • Castech's team has experience with Australian or International Standards. Any specification included in your requirements will be unambiguously included in the product specification.

Manufacturer selection

  • For each project the technically and economically ideal manufacturing process is chosen maximizing the competitiveness of the resulting product. 
  • Our close collaboration with the manufacturing partners ensures the selection of the best equipped and experienced for the project.

Technical review

  • Project managers explain thoroughly the specification to the manufacturer and Castech’s inspectors.
  • If needed, technical instruction is given to the manufacturer to ensure consistent quality.

Manufacturing monitoring and quality control

  • A very exhaustive sample inspection is done by Castech's inspectors before mass production is started.
  • Manufacturing is monitored to ensure that the quality obtained is consistent with the samples.
  • Castech Solution own staff inspects the products to ensure that no non-compliant item is released.
  • Compliance reports are always audited by Castech Solutions's project managers before a batch is released.
  • NCRs are managed by Castech Quality department and a database is kept to avoid recurrence.
  • Inspection results are kept in a database for traceability and failure assessment.