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About Us - Castech Solutions

Castech Solutions is a supplier of cost-effective castings, forgings and fabrications.

Our mission is to provide a comprehensive and accountable service through cooperation with our customers, manufacturing and support partners.

Castech Solutions’ team has more than 50 years of foundry and manufacturing experience.

Our philosophy is to draw on this extensive experience to add value to the supply chain.

Based on the precept that no manufacturer is capable of providing all solutions to all requirements, Castech Solutions is partnered with a selected group of pre-approved well-equipped and experienced Quality Systems accredited manufacturers located in low-cost countries.

We have invested heavily, establishing strong working relationships and quality systems with our manufacturing partners. For each project, the requirements/specifications are thoroughly analysed and the manufacturing partner that is best suited and experienced is chosen.

Castech Solutions’ team includes manufacturing specialists, metallurgists, mechanical and material engineers, NDT technicians and experts in project management, technical support, finance, sales, logistics and shipping. With offices in Australia and China, our team facilitates the manufacture of high quality castings and forgings (to a standard equal or better than anywhere in the world) with prompt delivery and at a very competitive price.

Castech Solutions has invested in the development of an extensive database of materials with chemistries and heat treatments optimized for a wide range of applications. This knowledge allows us to help you to select the best material and processing for a specific application. We can supply parts made of a wide variety of irons, steels and copper or aluminium based alloys.

Castech Solutions is a process-oriented company certified ISO-9001 by Bureau Veritas since 2008.